Suncast GS1000B Horizontal Storage Shed Review

Suncast GS1000B Horizontal Storage Shed Review
The Suncast GS1000B is advertised as a weather-resistant, stay-dry, 20-cubic feet horizontal shed made in America. it weighs 50 pounds, has a built-in support for wood shelf, and has lockable doors.

In this Suncast GS1000B horizontal storage shed review, we give you our analysis of the product to help you decide whether or not it fits your storage needs.

What You Need to Know About the GS1000B

  • Here’s a warning from the manufacturer. This horizontal shed is NOT for the following: hot items and chemicals (flammable and caustic). Also, to prevent distortion of the shed, heavy items should not be leaned against the walls.
  • From one consumer’s comments, this shed is made entirely of cast plastic, which is perfect for storing articles that can corrode metal.
  • This unit comes with a locking mechanism and a prop-bar for the lid, making it possible for you to get your tools either through the door or by lifting the lid.
  • Assembly is required. As advertised, this is supposed to be a “no tools required” assembly. Read our analysis below to find out more.

Our Analysis of the Suncast GS1000B – Pros and Cons

Suncast GS1000B Horizontal Storage ShedAssembly. Consumers have spoken. The general consensus is that setting up the GS1000B is a snap — literally and figuratively. The manufacturer’s claim of a “no tools required” means assembly is a snap-together set up.

However, while the assembly is actually very simple, several consumers noted that you need to follow the instructions. Otherwise, you may run the risk of damaging the snaps if you put two pieces together.

Built and Material. As previously noted, this outdoor shed is an all-plastic construction. Most of the consumers say it’s lightweight but sturdy (or tough), yet flexible.

Also, as one consumer pointed out, the GS1000B is ideal for pool chemicals because you won’t have to worry about corrosion.

The drawback is that since it’s lightweight, you have to secure it with something heavy (or anchor or tie it down) so the wind won’t blow it away.

Doors and Lids. Praises were given to the locking mechanism of this unit, which is located on the bottom of the doors. Although it won’t keep thieves out, as one consumer said, it will definitely help secure the unit especially when there’s too much wind outside.

Also, praises were given to the prop-bar that holds the lid up. This makes opening and closing this unit more manageable.

Protection Against the Elements. Several consumers said that this shed does a good job keeping rodents, goats, and raccoon away. And as one consumer has experienced, the GS1000B has kept his patio seats dry even after a heavy rain. Aside from rain and animals, this shed keeps out dust well.

Space / Storage Capacity. The GS1000B horizontal storage shed has plenty of room for your garden tools, trash cans, barn equipment, and even select pieces of furniture. To borrow one consumer’s words, this outdoor shed is “big enough for what we needed, but small enough to sit on the deck without taking up too much room.”

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If you’re looking for an outdoor shed that provides plenty of room, yet not that big to fit into a limited space without giving you problems, the Suncast GS1000B is for you.

To summarize its pluses — it’s easy to assemble, it’s lightweight, and it can effectively keep your tools dust-, water-, and animal-free.

Learn more about the GS1000B here! Or continue reading our review of another horizontal shed, the RSS2001 from Leisure Season.


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