Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Shed Review

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Shed Review
Do you need tons of storage space in your yard? Get an outdoor shed that gives you extra-large space! For this, the Roughneck shed from Rubbermaid may help. It has a 325 cu. ft. storage capacity and weighs 342 pounds.

But the question is, does this shed deliver its promises? In this Rubbermaid Roughneck storage shed review, we’d like to help you find out.

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X-Large Space, Impressive Features

In our past review of a Rubbermaid product, we gave a good recommendation because of the features. Can we say the same thing about the Roughneck?

According to the description, the Roughneck boasts the following key features.

  • double-walled construction, which gives added protection for your tools,
  • all-weather resin, which keeps this shed away from rust and rot, and
  • wall anchor system, which allows you to easily install shelves.

Aside from those key features, know that this extra-large outdoor shed is made in the USA. It also comes with four skylights and two windows.

What Consumers Say About Their Rubbermaid Roughneck Shed

Here are what buyers have to say aboutĀ theirĀ Roughneck.

– In general, there are no complaints about the assembly. This shed, according to consumers, is easy to set up. In case you’re wondering, tools you’ll need for the assembly are confined only to a drill, rubber mallet, and a step ladder.

– People who are worried about leaky roofs and water dripping inside this shed, worry not because the roof is leak-proof.

– This can’t be overly emphasized. Although this shed comes with a textured floor, you’ll need to level the ground with leveling cement where you’ll intend to put the shed on. This is a must so that the doors will align perfectly. Also, as one buyer said, the floor is much thinner than other Rubbermaid sheds, so it can be a problem if you have an uneven base.

– At least three people said that the hardest part of the assembly process was taking out the paper from the plexiglass windows.


The Roughneck storage shed from Rubbermaid is well-constructed, easy to put together, and a pretty solid shed once you’ve successfully secure it down. But as what most of the other buyers have said, it’s a must that this shed stands on an evenly flat surface. Otherwise, the parts will not go together.

This shed is ideal for large items that can’t be stored in slimmer or smaller outdoor sheds. Examples include bicycles, riding mowers, your grandson’s riding toys, and other large power tools.

Learn more about the Roughneck here!

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