Lifetime 6402 Storage Shed Review

Lifetime 6402 Storage Shed Review
As with the other Lifetime storage sheds, the 6402 is made from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE). As advertised, this shed is built with steel reinforcements and can weather many storms. Weighing 614 pounds with an 8 ft x 12.5 ft dimensions, the 6402 features 5 skylights, polycarbonate windows, screened vents, and shelves.

And if you’d like a shed that is non-China in origin, be happy to know that the 6402 storage shed is made in the USA.

This Lifetime 6402 storage shed review provides our analysis and recommendation of the product. Is it good enough to meet your needs? This review helps you analyze the product.

Tidbits of Information on the 6402

Lifetime 6402 Storage Shed ReviewThe features of the 6402 as listed on its product description lacks the following information, which is equally important. Thus, we present them here.

NOTE: These tidbits of information come from consumers themselves.

– As for the color of this outdoor shed, the doors are light gray and the roof is, as one consumer has described, a “cross between black and gray.”

Assembly is required. It’ll come or be delivered in 2 boxes.

– This outdoor storage has a 100 sq. ft. of storage, but if you want more space, Lifetime sells an additional extension kit. This should give you 27 sq. ft. additional storage.

– Aside from the extension kit, you can also purchase extra support braces and / or shelves from Lifetime.

Consumer Feedback and Our Analysis of the Lifetime 6402


– A screw driver or cordless drill and a rubber mallet can come in handy.

– Don’t over tighten the plastic screws as you advance. As one consumer explained, this will result to the two doors being “substantially askew.”

Assembly. One person described the assembly process as “fun.” While this is a positive way of putting it, assembly is NOT easy. In fact, you may need an extra pair of hands to help you with the corner pieces, wall pieces, and roof panels. Plus, it can be challenging on a windy day.

As others have experienced, assembly can last for at least 5 hours or even days!

As for the instructions, consumers in general are not happy with them. One has described the instructions as “substandard” and “not very helpful.”

Protection from Moist and Snow. While several buyers say that they haven’t experienced leaks, Lifetime warns against snow piling on the roof more than a few inches. Also, as two consumers say, “this shed will reflect whatever humidity is outside.”

Space. At 100 sq. ft. storage, this shed is spacious. You can rely on this shed to store your power or yard tools such as the following: lawn tractor, snow blower, garden tiller, and lawn mower.

Built. Once assembled, this outdoor shed has been described as “very sound,” “sturdy,” “stable,” “neat-looking,” and “well made.”

But for you to say the same thing, you’ll have to build a strong foundation for your 6402 in the form a framed wood, plywood, or cement base.

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With the 6402, assembly can be tricky. It’s always wise to read the instructions and to ask help from at least one person.

But once assembled, the 6402 shed from Lifetime provides an 8 ft x 12.5 ft. storage space for your yard, garden, and power tools. It’s made of plastic, so there are no wood rot, splinters, or termites to deal with.

Learn more about the 6402 here.


Lifetime 8-Feet x 12.5-Feet Storage Shed, # 6402Lifetime 8-Feet x 12.5-Feet Storage Shed, # 6402CHECK PRICE

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