Leisure Season RSS2001 Review (Horizontal Storage Shed)

Leisure Season RSS2001 Review (Horizontal Storage Shed)
So far, we’ve featured storage sheds made of plastic such as the Rubbermaid 1800005. Here, we give you a review of a non-plastic shed from Leisure Season — the RSS2001, which is a horizontal storage made of solid wood.

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Features and Benefits of the RSS2001 at a Glance…

– It’s made from solid wood, from the cypress tree family. It has a protective coating to give it a wheather- and decay-resistant feature.

– Since it’s a horizontal storage shed with dimensions of 34″ x 48″ x 62″, it can hold different types of bins, tools, and equipment.

– It comes with lockable doors to prevent insects and animals from getting through.

– It’s made in China.

– It weighs only 95 pounds.

Consumer Feedback and Rating

Assembly. The general consensus is that this horizontal storage shed is not too hard to put together. There are instructions included, and they are easy to follow. It’s advisable that at least two people should set it up.

Weight. This shed is lightweight. Some buyers love it, while others think it’s a disadvantage.

Appearance. It looks attractive. One buyer said it looks “much better than the Rubbermaid type plastic units.”

Functionality. While most buyers buy this unit for their trash cans / bins, one buyer said she uses it for her kids’ bikes and toys.

Complaints. One buyer said it doesn’t keep the water out. Another buyer complained about the doors, saying that one of them was a little off.

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Leisure Season RSS2001 Review: Bottomline

If you don’t want a rubber or plastic shed on your driveway, and want to find an inexpensive solid wood alternative, consider the Leisure Season RSS2001. This is made of thin cedar and can hold bins of varying sizes. One caution though. Make sure to measure your trash bins, tools, or garden equipment. Otherwise, you’d wish it was bigger.

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