Arrow WL65 Woodlake Storage Shed Review

Arrow WL65 Woodlake Storage Shed Review
Dubbed the “Woodlake” or “WL65,” this 6 x 5 ft. storage shed comes with attractive wood grain panels. It’s 147 cubic feet which makes it ideal for your tools, equipment, and other garden and home devices.

But that’s what the product description says. Does the Woodlake sit well among buyers? This Arrow WL65 Woodlake storage shed review provides you with an answer.

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Things You Need to Know About the Woodlake Storage Shed

Arrow WL65 Woodlake Storage Shed Review– This is made in the USA.

– It has a 147 cubic feet space / storage capacity, and it weighs 92 pounds.

– It has two colors depending on the parts – woodgrain for the walls and doors; and coffee for the trim, jambs, and gables. The parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled for ease of assembly. The parts are also made from galvanized steel.

– This does NOT come with a floor.

– There are no shelves but a shelf kit is sold separately.

– You may want to have plenty of silicon sealant to seal the parts together.

– When you buy this shed, what you’ll be getting basically is an empty storage. There are kits that Arrow sells separately — anchors, floor frame, and roof strengthening kit.

Consumer Feedback

Arrow WL65 Woodlake Storage ShedAssembly. It is possible to set up the Woodlake (WL65) by yourself, but as one buyer has experienced, it can take you hours. Assembly can be easier and faster with at least two people doing the job. The general consensus though is that it’s easy to set it up because of the clear instructions included. But because of the screws and bolts — which are plenty — it’s time-consuming.

Weight. As it is made from thin sheet of steel, this outdoor storage shed is lightweight. While this can be an advantage, it can get blown over easily. To solve this, you’ll need an anchor kit that helps you attach this shed to the ground.

Appearance. This isn’t made from plastic, so it looks classy.

Purpose. If you don’t want to use this as a storage, you can transform it as a playhouse for your kids.


If you’re on the market for an inexpensive, yet nice-looking shed, the Woodlake can give you what you need. But remember, when you buy this shed, you’re buying an empty container. You’ll need to buy additional kids and materials (e.g., sealant, anchors, floor frame) to build a durable shed with compartments.

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